ASC After School Thursday 2023

Hosted by Auckland Speedcubing Club


Thursday, 23 February 2023


Cox's Bay Pavilion, Cox's Bay Pavilion


44-66 West End Road, Westmere, Auckland 1022


Liam WadekAshley Foster  and  Ram Thakkar

Competitor Limit


Meetup Description

Auckland Speedcubing Club will be organizing the first weekday meetup, with cubers from all around Auckland (and around the country) to compete in an unofficial speedcubing competition. Note: This contest starts at 2pm, although with the more uncommon events. The more popular events start at around 4pm. Keep in mind that the contest will be following the same regulations as official WCA competitions, so please watch the following video if you are unsure on how it works: Competitor List and Visual Schedule: Note: We are not responsible for anybody competing. Please keep an eye on your children and make sure they're ready to be picked up by the end of the event.

Registration Information

Registration is handled by an external service. Please register at the link below.